I feel like crying

John Howard in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia in...

John Howard in Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia in March 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australia, what have you done? I can’t believe that John Howard is gone. Sure, he did some things I disagreed with but he kept Australia on an even keel.

During his time in office both Asia and America suffered recessions and Australia weathered the storm. Now the future looks grim. The worldwide economic forcast is not good, and I do not trust Labor to get us through it.

I look at the way the states are run. I look at the health system, the schools, the roads, the budgets. I look at the fact that the Premier of Queensland (where I live) made it legal to lie in parliament. And the way Beatty (former Labor Premier of Qld) imposed strict water restrictions to cope with a severe drought while selling our water to France. And the way he stole water from outlying electorates who had looked after their resources in order to give it to the South East Corner, who squandered theirs. I look at the state of the transport system in NSW. I look at the growing debt in Victoria. I look and I tremble.

I fear for myself. I fear for my family. I fear for my country.

Australia, what have you done?

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