February Dragon by Colin Thiele


The three Pine Kids truly belong in the bushland. And they have nicknames to match – Resin, Turps and Colombine.
They like fishing for Yabbies, taming unusual pets, riding in the local show, and astonishing their teachers.

But their usual adventures are nothing to the dire events that take place when somebody lets loose the February Dragon – the dreaded bushfire.
Genre: Australian Children’s Literature
Rating: @@@@@
Pages: 174
BCID: xxx-5449728
Format: Paperback
Comments: This book is a great example of Australian Literature. We follow the adventures of a group of children living on a farm in the Australian bush. Colin Thiele‘s uniquely Australian writing style perfectly captures the character of the Australian Bush as he relates the adventures of these three young larrikins. But their greatest adventure is yet to be faced – the most terrifying danger of the hot, dry Australian summer – the February Dragon. A great book for kids and adults alike.

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