Married With Children

Married... with Children

Married… with Children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We didn’t go for the whole white wedding thing. By the time we got hitched we had been together for ten years and had four children. There wasn’t a hope in hell of affording a big do. So, anywho, we had a civil ceremony at the local courthouse, with a few friends in attendance. Our four beautiful children were all there, and wore wearing their best clothes and little crowns made from fake flowers by a lady at uni.After the ceremony, we had a free photo done at PixiPhotos. We had the reception at the local all you can eat and requested that guests pay for their own meal instead of getting gifts. Afterwards, we bought grog and went home for a little private party.All in all we managed to get married with a total cost of less than $500. A far cry from the average home deposit a normal wedding sets you back.At the date of writing this we are coming up to our 13th anniversary of being together and are a few months away from our third wedding anniversary. Break out the bubbly!

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