‘Yes I’m Pagan, No I’m Not Wiccan…’

English: The sculpture of the Wiccan Horned Go...

English: The sculpture of the Wiccan Horned God at the Museum of Witchcraft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Myth #1: All Pagans are Wiccans
This is simply not true. While there are increasing numbers following the Wiccan path, there are many other pagan paths out there. Druids, Native Americans, Ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian religions, Australian Aboriginals, African Tribes, Hindus….these are just a few of the pagan traditions practised throughout the world. In addition to organised traditions, there are people like myself – eclectic pagans who take aspects from many different paths to form our own unique path to Deity.

Myth #2: Pagans Worship the Devil
Again, this is untrue. While many (but by no means all) Pagans revere the ‘Horned God‘, this should not be taken to mean we worship the devil. In fact, the devil or Satan or Lucifer or any of the other dozen names this being is known by is a Christian belief. Pagans do not believe in the devil and, thus, are not able to worship him. The ‘Horned God’ revered in many Pagan Paths is a fertility God and a representative of the male part of Deity.

Myth #3: Witchcraft is Evil
Definitely not true! Witchcraft is simply the manipulation of the Earth’s natural energies to achieve a given outcome and is performed every day by billions of Jews, Christians and Muslims when they pray . Yes, the Craft can be dangerous if not handled with care, but this does not mean it is evil. Think of it this way. Consider another natural energy – electricity. In the hands of an experienced, properly trained technician, this has the potential to make our lives much easier. Yet, if the average householder saw fit to fiddle with the home’s wiring, the results can be disastrous. This does not make electricity ‘evil’. It has no morals of it’s own – results lie with the skills and intent of the user. Witchcraft, like electricity, is completely amoral. Any ‘good’ or ‘evil’ lies in the skill and intent of the person performing the spell or ritual.

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  1. The Christians based their Devil on Baphomet. If you look at drawings depicting the Christian Devil and Baphomet they seem to look the same. They definitely are not.in characteristic.


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