The Cats by Joan Phipson

Book Cover of The Cats by Joan PhipsonSynopsis: A KIDNAP THAT MISFIRED INTO A NIGHTMARE OF TERROR…

Jim thought his luck was in when he won the lottery. He couldn’t help telling everyone about his windfall.

But Jim’s luck changed when he and his brother accepted a lift from Kevin and Socker. They were suddenly being kidnapped. Kevin had pulled a gun. The car was headed out into the wild country of the Australian bush.

But the bush has a way of turning the tables. Miles from anywhere, in a world of scrub and shanty, the kidnappers become the victims of a wild and terrible enemy that lurks in the mists...

Genre: Thriller
Rating: @@@
Pages: 142
BCID: xxx-6013401
ISBN: 0-330-25486-3
Year: 1978
Format: Paperback
Comments: I found this book was quite slow to start but, after I got used to the author’s style, I really enjoyed it. The book is aimed at 10-14-year-olds but my ten year old daughter found it too boring to finish. I found this an interesting and enjoyable read, though not overly scary. Good for those days when you don’t want anything too heavy.

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