The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance by Margaret Mahy

Synopsis:Neither Laura’s mother, Kate, nor the doctors could understand what was wrong with her little brother, Jacko; Laura alone knew he was being preyed upon by horrifying Carmody Braque. She herself felt she might be able to prevent this possession, but only by ‘changing over’, by using her own latent supernatural powers, even though such a change might confront her with dangers of a different nature. Nor was this to be the only ‘changeover’ in Laura’s life. Suddenly everything shifted around her. Family relationships which had seemed so firmly established yielded as strangers became involved in their lives: mysterious Sorry Carlisle who could not tell for certain whether he was cast as hero or villain, and Kate’s new friend, Chris Holly, representing yet another kind of threat.
: Teen Romance
Rating: @@@@@
Pages: 214
ISBN: 0-460-06153-4
Year: 1984
Format: Hardcover
Comments: This was a favourite of mine as a young girl and I’m pleased to say it lost none of it’s magic this time around. The characters are well formed and the plot predictable but pleasant. Dealing with issues that affect many teenagers – difference, romance, angst, a new parent figure – this is a novel many teenage girls would enjoy.

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