Echoes of Earth by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Synopsis:In the Early 22nd century, humans have shed their bodies to travel through space. Produced through nanotechnology, their electronic reproductions, known as engrams, have been sent on fact-finding missions throughout the known universe – searching for signs of Alien life.

As the Engram crew of a survey ship watches, ten orbital towers are constructed around an uninhabited planet’s equator by unidentifiable, spindle shaped entities. Then, without any attempt at communication, the spindles withdraw. Cautiously exploring the towers, engram Peter Alander finds what appear to be gifts from a technologically-advanced race, including a faster-than-light ship. But when Alander pilots the ship back to Earth with news of the unprecedented event, he may be giving humanity a gift it can’t afford to accept…
Genre:Science Fiction
Comments:I’m not usually into Sci-Fi but I really enjoyed this book. Definitely a scary look at what could conceivably become of Humanity if we consider on our present course. It was a little difficult to get my head around different characters with the same name (and essentially the same identity), but this book is well worth a read!

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