Heirs of Earth by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Synopsis:Earth has been destroyed, and the natural order of things destroyed with it. What little that remains of humanity is caught between the Spinners and the Starfish, unsure whether to run, hide, fight back. None of the options is particularly attractive, none offers much hope for survival…

The mysterious aliens known as the Spinners brought great gifts to humanity – and those Gifts brought great destruction in their wake. Now, the Spinners are gone – and the genocidal Starfish who came after them are continuing their reign of destruction. Time is running out for the handful of surviving humans, their engram brethren, and the newfound alien species that has allied itself with them. Faced with almost certain annihilation. Caryl Hatzis, Peter Alander, and a crew of desperate beings hatch a last-ditch plan – they will take one small ship and attempt to penetrate the very heart of the Starfish fleet…
Genre:Science Fiction
Comments:A thrilling finale to the ‘Orphans of Earth‘ trilogy. By now, I was thoroughly engaged with the characters and emotionally involved with the race for humanities survival. In this book the war with the starfish is resolved – does it end with humanities destruction, or will the mysterious starfish be defeated? Not telling 😉 . I will tell you that I was very interested to learn just where the starfish and spinners, known to many as the ‘ambivalence’, originated. I recommend reading this trilogy – the authors definitely have talent. I got such a thrill from these books, I have decided to chase up more works by these authors as well as other Science Fiction books!

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