Orphans of Earth by Sean Williams & Shane Dix

Synopsis:“This is an open broadcast. We are the sole survivors of the human race. Our primary task is to locate those colonies that have survived. We must cooperate in this venture – even if it is to be our last.”

In the wake of Earth’s demise, true human Caryl Hatzis and human engram Peter Alander have but one goal: to warn the surviving colonies of a coming menace – deadly alien ships, seemingly intent on the destruction of everything in their path. The only way to defend against them is to use the Gifts, advanced technological devices given to humanity under mysterious circumstances. But no one really understands the Gifts – and there is mounting evidence that it is their very use that attracts attack.

With time running out, Hatzis and Alander are desperate to find a way to save the scattered orphans of planet Earth. And then help arrives – from an unexpected and unwelcome source…
Genre:Science Fiction
Comments:This is the thrilling sequel to ‘Echoes of Earth‘ and tells the tale of the surviving Engrams and the sole surviving human. A sobering look at what could happen if Earth’s first contact is with a technologically superior race bent on destruction.

After being given gifts by the mysterious ‘spinners’, the colonies are being attacked and destroyed by the sinister ‘starfish’. Technologically superior to humanity, it seems there is no escape from the destruction these beings reap. This is a chilling read as we ponder the probability of the extinction of humanity.

This is a great read but be sure to read ‘Echoes of Earth’ first.

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