Spellbinder by Stephen Bowkett

Book Cover for Spellbinder by Stephen BowkettSynopsis:“Now you see it, now you don’t.” Tony can hold an audience spellbound with his glass marble trick, and secretly he hopes his skill will impress Linda, a girl whom so far he has only dared admire from a distance.

But there is something mysterious in the air. On the night that a gang smashes up the youth club, Tony is there – drawn by a strange premonition – and he experiences an uncanny escape from being beaten up. Then his conjuring tricks become just too convincing, even for him. Can there be some special, out of the ordinary, power at work? A meeting with a weird old man, Mr Mystyflyk, answers some questions, but poses an even greater problem for Tony…

In this exciting first novel an ordinary boy is faced with a daunting choice that will affect his whole future and the future of others. It’s a gripping adventure story with a supernatural element – and it’s often very funny too.
Comments:This was another one of my favourites as a child. As always, when reading a childhood favourite, I was worried that it wouldn’t be as enjoyable as I remembered. In this case, however, I found I enjoyed it even more than I did as a child. Despite it’s supernatural theme, this book is really all about the choices and dilemmas we face as we grow up. A good read for tweens and teens.

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