Happy Mothers Day

English: A SUBWAY Club 6" sandwich.

English: A SUBWAY Club 6″ sandwich. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy mother’s day to all you Multiply Mums. I hope you all had a wonderful day.

My day was the best! It started out with a sleep-in. I woke at around 10ish. When I woke up, Stormy brought me a beautiful flower made from a cut up dish sponge and scented with musk. After I got dressed, I got to sit there while being showered with gifts.

Earth gave me some beautiful Frangipani scented body mist. Butterfly gave me a scented sachet for my wardrobe and a collage that she obviously put a lot of effort into. Annelise gave me a coaster with a teabag, some coathangers, a handmade card and a christmas decoration (she made it last year and it’s one of her most prized possessions, so I’m very touched). Yasmine gave me a calendar made with her artwork and a pillowcase. Stormy gave me the aforementioned flower and a calendar made with his artwork. I also got a box of German chocolates (shaped like mice and packaged in a cheese-wedge shaped box) from the whole family.

After receiving my gifts (I’ll post pics tomorrow), I sat and read until lunch time. After the kids ate their lunch, the littlies lay down for a nap and the older girls disappeared to draw in the bedroom. At this point, Earth went for a ride to buy me some Subway. Yuuum!

After lunch and nap time, Butterfly looked after the littlies while Earth and I enjoyed some…err…personal time, then cuddled up for an afternoon nap. We wound up sleeping all afternoon and didn’t wake till dinner time.

While I took a shower, Earth cooked Sausage cacciatore (that’s chicken cacciatore using chopped up sausage instead of chicken…lol), then we all settled down to eat dinner and watch Big Brother.

After Yasmine and Storm went to bed, I consumed my chocolates – they were delicious! I gave one to Earth and half each to Butterfly and Annelise, keeping the remaining six for myself. Greedy, I know, but they were so yummy – much better than our Aussie choccies!

But the best part was that my kids barely argued .

I hope everyone else’s day went as well as mine!

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