Backslab Removed

Villainous upper wisdom tooth

Villainous upper wisdom tooth (Photo credit: Dr Parveen Chopra)

What a day!

First I had a trip to the dentist where I had a wisdom tooth removed. Then I hobbled down to the hospital to have my back slab removed. My ankle is still pretty swollen. The doctors discussed putting on another back slab, but in the end they went with a tube bandage instead.

Out of curiosity, I weighed myself before and after it was removed so I could see how much it weighed. Turns out it was three kilos! I’d hate to think how much a full cast weighs!

OMG! It soooo hurts without that back slab! It hurts a lot worse now than on the day I sprained it!

Still, the bright side is I can now take showers instead of having sponge baths. My shower this afternoon was heaven! And at least my mouth doesn’t hurt anymore…lol.

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