Real Jelly Recipes from the 1950s (That’s Jell-O for all you yanks ) :-)

English: A cranberry jello salad made in a rin...

English: A cranberry jello salad made in a ring mold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Florida Seacoast Salad: Grapefruit, cheese, avocado, prawns (aka shrimp) and lemon jelly.

Barbecue Jelly: Combine a bottle of BBQ sauce (any brand) with jelly (any flavour). Chill, cut into cubes and serve on salad like croutons.

Prawn Salad Surprise: Prawns (aka shrimp), garlic, onion and sour cream in orange jelly, smothered in Italian dressing. Cut carefully into squares to ensure everybody gets some prawns.

Devilled Jelly Eggs: Pour jelly into egg-shaped moulds, then halve them and fill them with devilled egg mixture.

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