Q & A Part 3

Coca-Cola Christmas truck (Vyškov- Czech republic)

Coca-Cola Christmas truck (Vyškov- Czech republic) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. ever gone on a blind date? nope

2.skipped school? Yes, once, and it scared me so bad I never did it again…lol

3.watched someone die? No

4.been to Canada, Mexico and Florida? No, No and No

5.been on a plane? Yes

6.been lost? Many Times

7.been on the opposite side of the country? Not Really. I live in Central Queensland, and I’ve been as far south as Melbourne…

8.been to Washington D.C.? No

9.swam in the ocean? Yes

10.cried yourself to sleep? Yes

11.played cops and robbers? No

12.recently coloured with crayons? Yes

13.sang Kareoke? Yes, when I was a child

14.paid for a meal with coins only? Guilty

15.done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes

16.made prank phone calls? Yes

17.laughed until some kind of beverage came out your nose? Yes…lol

18.caught a snowflake on your tongue? No

19.danced in the rain? No

20.written a letter to Santa Claus? Yes

21.been kissed under the mistle toe? Yes

22.watched the sunrise with someone you care about? Yes

23.got a speeding ticket? No

24. any nickname? In school they called me Big Mac

25.favourite drink? Coca Cola

26.mom’s name? Officially Carolyn, but people call her Helen

27. tattoo or body piercing? Earrings. No tattoo, but I want one…

28. How much do you love your job? I LOVE being a parent. That’s the only job I have right now…

29. Birthplace? Blacktown. NSW, Australia

30.Favourite vacation spot? No idea…it’s about eleven years since I had a holiday.

31.been to Africa? No

32. ever eaten cookies for dinner? No

33.been on TV? No

34. ever steal any traffic sign? No

35. ever been in a car accident? Yes, as a passenger. Oh and I did crash the scooter into that tree a couple of weeks ago…

36.drive a 2 door, or a 4 door vehicle? Neither

37.favourite salad dressing? Caesar

38.favourite pie? Chicken

39.favourite number? 7

40.favourite movie? There are w-a-a-ay too many to pick!

41.favourite holiday? Mother’s Day

42.favourite dessert? Homer Hudson Chocolate Rock Ice-Cream

43.favourite food? Chinese food or possibly Indian.

42. favourite day of the week? Thursday

43. favourite bodywash? Don’t have one

44.toothpaste? Colgate Total

45.favourite smell? Roses and Lavender

46.what do you do to relax? Read

47.missing? Camping

48.How do you see yourself in ten years? Slimmer, working in a job I enjoy.

49.Furthest place you’ll send this message? No Idea.

50. Who’ll respond the fastest? Probably Lion.

51.Who won’t bother to respond? They all come around sooner or later, I think (hope) 🙂

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