3rd Wedding Anniversary

The Happening (2008 film)

Earth and I have been together for thirteen years and we have been married for three of those years. Our third wedding Anniversary was on Tuesday 10 June, but last week was really tight so we decided to celebrate tomorrow.

Then, last night, we found out that today was photo day at Kindy, so we called and switched Yasmine and Storm’s days from tomorrow to today. This meant that our child-free day had switched to today, so we wound up celebrating today instead.

We popped into Jamaica Blue for lunch, then we saw ‘The Happening‘ at the cinema. Lunch was delicious. The movie wasn’t that great. After that we looked around for ideas for gifts for the kids from the Yule Elf then, since we were out already, we decided to do the shopping. This took hours because the store is currently renovating, so they keep moving stuff around.

For dinner tonight we had a delicious Madras made with beef liver and lamb heart, and served with tortillas. This was followed up with a chocolate mud cake. Yuuummm!!!

All in all, it’s been a great day. Despite hobbling around on my ankle (which is still swollen and sore as hell), it was wonderful having a day out just the two of us. With four kids and no family to babysit, it is so rare for us to have that ‘date’ time and I think that was the best thing about the day.

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