Letter to D: A Love Story by Andre Gorz, translated by Julie Rose

Synopsis:‘I have to piece together the story of our love to appreciate its full meaning. It’s what has allowed us to become who we are, living through each other and for each other…’

Letter to D is the ultimate love letter, written by a man to the woman he loves when he discovers she is dying.

Of the millions of words Andre Gorz wrote as a journalist and one of the 20th century’s leading philosophers, perhaps none will be remembered as long as this beautiful and heartfelt open letter to his beloved Dorine.

A bestseller in France, Letter to D is a love story like no other, and all the more poignant because it is true.
Comments:Letter to D is a touching look at a couple’s life together, spanning half a century. The love Andre feels for his beloved wife Dorine comes through, loud and clear, in every word he has written. Even people who don’t usually enjoy romance novels (and I count myself amongst this number) cannot help but be captivated by the depth of feeling contained in this open letter from a man to his dying wife. This novel is all the more poignant for the events which followed. Letter to D is a definite must-read.

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  1. an easy to read piece …a fluid rendition that just makes me read on



  1. Letter to D: A Love Story by Andre Gorz, translated by Julie Rose | Ejohn's ACTs n CRAFT

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