Real Author/Title Combinations

  • Rainbow ring book closeup

    Rainbow ring book closeup (Photo credit: Kasaa)

    The Cypress Garden by Jane Arbor (1969)

  • The Politics of Weapons Innovation by Michael Armacost (1969)
  • The Ethics of Peace and War by I. Atack (2005)
  • Punishment by Robin Banks (1972)
  • How to Make Johnny Want to Obey by Stephen E. Beltz (1971)
  • The Inner Flame by Clara Louise Burnham (1912)
  • The Preacher; or, The Art and Method of Preaching by W. Chappell (1656)
  • Your Teeth by John Chipping (1967)
  • Every Other Inch a Methodist by Douglas J. Cock (1987)
  • The Symptoms, Nature, Cause, and Cure of a Gonorrhoea by William Cockburn (1713)
  • Death in Early America: The History and Folklore of Customs and Superstitions of Early Medicine, Funerals, Burial and Mournings by Margaret Coffin (1976)
  • The Gentleman’s Recreation by Nicholas Cox, with a preface by E. D. Cuming (1928)
  • Violence Against Wives by Emerson and Russell Dobash (1980)
  • Mathematics for Engineers by Raymond W. Dull (1941)
  • Sexual Desire and Love by Eric Fuchs (1983)
  • Vasectomy: The Male Sterilization Operation by Paul J. Gillette (1972)
  • The Encyclopaedia of Association Football by Maurice Golesworthy (1967)
  • Monitoring Family Planning & Reproductive Rights by Anita Hardon (1997)
  • Industrial Social Security in the South by Robin Hood (1936)
  • The Adolescent Diaries by Karen Horney (1980)
  • Chess Pieces by Norman Knight (1968)
  • Anatomy of the Brain by William W. Looney (1932)
  • The Grace of God by A. Lord (1859)
  • Metabolic Changes Induced by Alcohol by G. A. Martini (1971)
  • Care for Your Kitten by Anna Mews (1986)
  • Riches and Poverty by L. G. Chiozza Money (1905)
  • Salmon: The World’s Most Harassed Fish by Anthony Netboy (1980)
  • The Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency by Walter Cade Reckless (1972)
  • White-Collar Crime in Modern England George Robb (1992)
  • Lifeblood by Frank Gill Slaughter (1974)
  • That None Shall Die by Frank Gill Slaughter (1942)
  • Frozen Future: The Arctic, the Antarctic and the Survival of the Planet by Daniel Snowman (1993)
  • Korean Music by Bang-Song Song (2000)
  • Abnormal Psychology: Understanding Behavior Disorders by Jack Roy Strange (1965)
  • Crime and Law by Adrienne P. Swindells (1977)
  • Natural History of Birds by Leonard William Wing (1956)
  • The Principles of Insect Physiology by Vincent Brian Wigglesworth (1939)
  • There Are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders by Mary Twelveponies (1982)

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