Mother England



London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Some quaint and unusual English village names:

  1. Askham Bryan
  2. Barton in the Beans
  3. Blubberhouses
  4. Compton Pauncefoot
  5. Cow Honeybourne
  6. Frisby on the Wreake
  7. Great Weeke
  8. Gussage All Saints
  9. Little Snoring
  10. London Apprentice
  11. Maggots End
  12. Mappowder
  13. Martyr Worthy
  14. Nempnett Thrubwell
  15. Nether Wallop
  16. New Invention
  17. Queen Camel
  18. St Giles in the Wood
  19. Upper Slaughter [despite it’s name, this was one of about 30 so-called ‘Thankful Villages’ – those from which a group of young men left to fight in WWI and to which all returned alive]
  20. Weston-under-Lizard
  21. Westward Ho!

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