Fancy a Career Change?

Now aren’t you glad you don’t have to do these old-fashioned jobs?
  1. bottom-knocker – an apprentice who helped make saggars (clay containers)
  2. bummaree – a middleman seller at fish markets
  3. cats-meat man – one who roamed the streets selling pet food
  4. caulker – a tradesman who ensured the hulls of boats were watertight
  5. cinder-wench – a scullery maid who was in charge of a house’s fires
  6. crossing sweeper – one who kept roads clean and dry for pedestrians
  7. mudlark – one who combed river edges for scrap
  8. powdermonkey – a boy carrying powder to the gunners on a warship (a dangerous and thankless task)
  9. scullion – a kitchen servant or odd-job boy
  10. skinker – a man who looked after the barrells of beer in a taphouse (sounds like my kind of job – if a little hairy at closing time)
  11. silentiary – an official whose job was to ensure quiet in a public place
  12. wailer – a coal worker who removed stones and other impurities from loads
  13. pure-picker – one who collected dog’s excrement for use in leather tanning

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