Things you don’t see as often anymore.

  1. Horse troughs Though I’m sure there are plenty in the country
  2. Brushed nylon sheets
  3. Bellows
  4. Cakestands
  5. Football pools coupons
  6. Milk floats I had to look this one up!
  7. Inkwells
  8. Nightcaps
  9. Three-wheeled cars I can’t say as I’ve ever seen one of these – though I have seen pics of motortrikes
  10. Black Maria police vans I guess this means Paddy Wagons?
  11. Savings stamps
  12. Mangles and Wringers For those who don’t know – these are the old-style washing machines
  13. Pocket watches
  14. Milk bottles I assume this means glass milk bottles since I see the plastic ones everywhere
  15. Jew’s harps I had to look this up. I’ve never seen one of these before.
  16. Carbolic Soap
  17. Tank tops
  18. Flatirons Does this mean hair-straighteners?
  19. Powdered orange juice
  20. Hairnets
  21. Starting handles
  22. Combination underwear I saw some pics of this online. This may be a stupid question, but how do you use the loo?
  23. Solid toothpaste I googled this and could find no answer – how is solid toothpaste different from ordinary toothpaste?
  24. Snake belts
  25. Sanitary napkins I’m not sure why this is on the list. I know tampons are popular but I still see plenty of napkins in the store…
  26. Half-time scoreboards
  27. Leather school satchels
  28. Basques Had to look this one up as well.
  29. Scrubbing boards
  30. Car running boards
  31. Shorthand
  32. Shaving strops another one I had to look up
  33. School belts for punishment
  34. Cassette personal stereos
  35. Twin tub washers I see these in the shops, so I don’t know why they’re on the list
  36. Lace-up footballs
  37. Radio shops
  38. Toasting forks
  39. Shuffleboards Looks like some kind of elongated games table – anyone ever played?
  40. Tea cosies and egg cosies Ok, tea cosies I’ve hear of, but egg cosies? Do they put a little beanie on their breakfast?
  41. Cotton handkerchiefs
  42. Nuns I assume they’re actually refferring to nuns habits, since the nuns themselves are still around
  43. Typewriters
  44. Cycle clips interesting contraption
  45. Cuspidors and spittoons for those, like myself, who didn’t know, a cuspidor is a type of spittoon

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