If you’re happy and you know it…

Some cheerful similes:

  • as happy as a pig in mud
  • as happy as can be
  • as happy as a clam at high tide
  • as happy as Larry
  • as happy as the day is long

    The Cheshire Cat as depicted in American McGee...

    The Cheshire Cat as depicted in American McGee’s Alice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • as happy as a lark
  • as happy as kings
  • as happy as a box of birds
  • as happy as a dog at the beach
  • as happy as a sandboy
  • as happy as a kid in a candy store
  • as happy as a bag of wigs
  • as happy as the cat that got into the cream
  • as happy as a bull in a spring paddock
  • as glad as a breeze
  • as glad as a fox in his nest
  • as glad as a bird in may
  • as glad as adders
  • as glad as a newborn kitten
  • as glad as the shamrocks
  • as pleased as a kitten with a ball of wool
  • as pleased as a jay with a bean
  • as pleased as a kid with a new toy
  • as pleased as a peach
  • as pleased as a fox in a henhouse
  • as pleased as a Cheshire cat
  • as pleased as a chickadee with a sunflower seed
  • as pleased as a peacock
  • as pleased as a dog with a bone
  • as pleased as a sailor on his wedding day
  • as pleased as a little dog with two tails
  • as pleased as pie
  • as pleased as a penny carrot
  • as pleased as Punch
  • as pleased as a pig in a poke
  • as pleased as a brass ha’penny

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