Barbecue (Photo credit: Johann Richard)

We had a big BBQ lunch planned today for my birthday, but it never eventuated. The family who were coming over were meant to arrive at one but come quarter to two there was no sighting. I called them on my new mobile phone and asked if they were still coming. I was told they were waiting on the man of the family to get home with the car. When asked when that would be, the answer was ‘after 4’. I didn’t say anything, I just suggested we make it another time.

I was quite annoyed about it for three reasons.

1/ The kids normally eat lunch at 10 – 10.30 am but, because of the BBQ, we gave them a small snack at their normal lunchtime. Needless to say they were famished by one o’clock!

2/ Food is not cheap right now and we spent a lot of money to ensure our guests would be well fed – money that could have gone on bills and such. I don’t mind doing this as I enjoy their company but when no-one turns up it feels as though all that money was wasted.

3/ They didn’t even bother to ring and let us know they weren’t coming!

I was brought up to be hospitable. If unexpected guests turned up they would be offered drinks and biscuits. If they turned up at mealtimes, our meagre meal was stretched to fill extra mouths. If guests were expected, the house was scrubbed and a feast was provided. If we were expected elsewhere we went regardless of how we felt. If we were late or simply could not make it due to unexpected circumstances, we called our host to let them know. To do anything else was considered just plain rude.

Is it really too much to consider the same treatment in return?

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