Butterfly’s in Hospital


ambulance (Photo credit: kalavinka)

We got a call from her school a short while ago. She hurt her back playing soccer and she is in a lot of pain. What worries us about this is that she is actually crying. Butterfly never cries. Ever since she was a little girl she would hold in the tears no matter how hurt she was. I once saw her run smack bang into a brick column and not shed a tear. If she is crying, the pain must be excruciating.

Anyway, Earth persuaded the school to call an ambulance to get her to the hospital. They were reluctant to do this as they have to pull a staff member from class to accompany her. Earth was umm-ing and ah-ing about how to get to the hospital because the scooter is out of rego. I told him to ride in anyway. If he gets pulled over we’ll cop the fine. Butterfly is more important than money – or even license points.

So he rode into the hospital and beat the ambulance there.

That’s all I know at the moment. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more.

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