Betrayed by Lyndsey Harris with Andrew Crofts

Opening Sentence:My daughter Sarah would say this is a story of ‘big scary feelings’ and she would be right, as she so often is.
Synopsis:For the first few years of her life, Sarah Harris was a normal, happy, popular little girl. But from the age of six she was targeted by a vicious, manipulative but invisible enemy – and her life became a living hell. Before long she was suspended from school, alienated from her friends, completely bewildered and utterly terrified. Her happy childhood had been destroyed forever.

For her mother, Lyndsey, it was a life beyond her worst nightmares. Her little girl, the daughter she loved so much, seemed to have transformed overnight – into a child she hardly recognised. A child she almost feared. Suddenly, Lyndsey was fighting to keep her family together – to save her daughter’s sanity.

But then the horrific truth started to become clear. And both Lyndsey and Sarah discovered they had been the innocent victims of the most horrifying betrayal imaginable…
Comments:I picked this book up fully intending to read a chapter before bed. Nine hours and six glasses of coke later, I was finished. The story this book tells is sad and tragic, and the writing hooks you from the beginning. Betrayed details the doubts and uncertainties most parents feel at some point, especially when dealing with what appears to be a problem child, and highlights the lack of help available to such families. The fact that Sarah and her family had to endure such horrible events for so long is an indictment of our society, where parent’s concerns are dismissed as nonsense, and illnesses and psychosis are diagnosed for convenience. Betrayed is a difficult book for parents to read, but I highly recommend it.

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