One Red Paperclip: How a Small Piece of Stationery Turned into a Great Big Adventure by Kyle Macdonald

Opening Sentence:Dom and I round the corner.
Synopsis:Kyle McDonald was meant to be looking for a job. He was at that point in his life where he wanted his own house. But how could he get a house if he didn’t even have a job?

Thinking back on his childhood he remembered the game he loved to play – Bigger and Better. It was a way of trading your old stuff to get bigger and better new stuff.

This got Kyle thinking. Why not trade up to a house? And then he saw it. One red paperclip, sitting on his desk, holding the pages of his CV together, ready to go out into the world and help him find a job that would eventually get him a house. But that didn’t sound nearly as much fun as trading.

Did he get the house?
Well, you’re about to find out! One thing’s for sure, he did a lot of trades and met a lot of very interesting people. One small paperclip was the beginning of a great big adventure.
Comments:What a brilliant idea! If only I’d thought of it first…

If you have ever found yourself thinking these words, then you’ll love this book! This is the story of an ordinary guy who managed to trade up from one red paperclip to a house (yes, a house!) in just fourteen trades. Written with style and not a little humour, One Red Paperclip details the incredible journey Kyle travelled in order to fulfill his dream of owning a home.

Where most of us would have thought it couldn’t be done, Kyle took the plunge, making some incredible trades and having a lot of fun along the way. This is a highly amusing and inspiring book and I encourage everyone to read it.

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