Pigs Might Fly by Emily Rodda

Opening Sentence:“I wish something would happen!”
Synopsis:‘I wish something would happen!’ said Rachel. ‘Something interesting!’

Afterwards, she would remember what she’d said and how she’d felt that rainy Saturday morning, and she would think: ‘That was really the beginning.’ And her stomach would give a little jolt, and the tips of her fingers would tingle.

But at the time she didn’t know what was in store. All she knew was that she was bored. Bored with having a cold and having to stay in bed. Bored with the rain drumming on the roof.

If only something unlikely or unexpected would happen for a change. Something exciting – something wonderful.

‘Maybe it will!’ her father said. ‘And pigs might fly!’

But he was only teasing. Pigs can’t fly – or can they?
Genre:Children’s Fiction
Comments:This was one of my favourite books as a child and I loved it just as much as an adult. I highly recommend it – you will not be bored for a second. If you read it to your kids, I guarantee Pigs Might Fly will have everyone in fits of laughter!

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