Getting to Know Me

Nurture dressed s a businessman for halloweenName: Nurture
Marital status:Married
Romance:is wonderful.
Hair colour:Browny
Eye colour:Blue
Long or short hair:Short
Favourite thing to eat:Chocolate
Favourite thing to wear:skirts
Favourite perfume/cologne:rose or lavender
Favourite food:Indian or Burritos or Chocolate
Favourite drink:Water or coca-cola
Favourite colour:Purple
Favourite music:Elton John
Favourite movie:He Died With a Felafel In His Hand
Favourite TV show:NCIS
Favourite pastime:Reading
Favourite place to eat:Sizzler

Most memorable moment:The birth of my children
Most embarrassing moment:Way too many to pick.
Are you in love?:Yes
If you are, who is he/she?:My husband (Earth)
If you could kiss anyone, who would it be?:Earth
What makes you smile?:My kids
What makes you smile?:Baby animals
Will you post this on your blog?:Yes

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