Sins of the Blood by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Opening Sentence:‘Suitcases?’
Synopsis:BORN, NOT BLED…
Vampires, as they are now – parasites, an ancient disease brought from old Europe to America; keeping themselves private, hiding themselves cleverly, in the modern world.

The Pacific north-west – a society dealing with the menace, a place of legislated eradication centres, created to cope with every aspect of this curse.

The evolution of the scourge – for vampires are changing. They can, now, make children. And the children, born, not bled, into being, hide their true nature until well into adulthood – and have a power nothing can match…

Sins of the Blood – the story of vampire-eradicator Cammie – ‘I remember my degree, my entire training. Nothing mentioned the children‘ – and of Ben – ‘He was hungry, so hungry. But humans didn’t respond like that‘.

Sins of the Blood – the story of the terror that comes into Cammie and Ben’s lives – and of the horrors that they share…
Genre:Science Fiction
Comments:Sins of the Blood is a unique take on the vampire legend, but it could have been better. I liked the general premise (that vampirism is a condition of the body, not a condition of the soul) but the book, though technically well-written, lacked a certain something. It just didn’t capture me the way it should have. I enjoyed it as far as it went, but I wouldn’t read it again.

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