Children Having Children: Global Perspectives on Teenage Pregnancy (Ideas in Conflict Series) by Gary E. McCuen

Opening Sentence:As a society we worship at the altar of sex.
Synopsis:From the Contents Page

  • Global Perspectives on Adolescent Pregnancy: U.S. teen pregnancy rates are falling; the rates are rising; adolescent fertility worldwide concerns; adolescent fertility in Nigeria; teenage pregnancy in Scotland; pregnancy rates in the Caribbean; teenage sexuality and pregnancy in Australia, early pregnancy in Brazil and Guatemala.
  • Preventing Teenage Pregnancy:Sex education has failed; sex education has not failed; contraceptives and the rise in pregnancies points and counterpoints; school based clinics will not work; school clinics can reduce pregnancy rates; removing advertising restrictions on contraceptives; contraceptive commercials are inappropriate; deceiving ourselves about safe sex.
  • Pregnancy Among Black Teenagers:The vanishing male character; blaming the victim; an agenda for social reform; toward a socialist future.
  • Teenage Pregnancy Ideas in Conflict:Society promotes teenage pregnancy; the individual is responsible; chastity and self-discipline is the answer; new social policies are needed.
  • Adolescent Pregnancy in Developed Nations:Teen pregnancy in wealthy nations the point; teen pregnancy in wealthy nations the counterpoint; teen pregnancy in wealthy nations an alternative perspective.

Genre:Parenting & Families
Comments:Some of the essays in this book were quite interesting, others boring. Most essays were biased one way or the other but a few made some attempt at neutrality. Being Australian, I found the essay Teenage Sexuality and Pregnancy in Australia by Stefania Siedlecky more relevant than some others but I learned something from each essay. Despite the fact that this book is so outdated, it is worth reading if you are interested in the topic.


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