My Wonderful Litha

Litha Flowers

Litha Flowers (Photo credit: henna lion)

Well, we all had a wonderful Litha Day here in our house. We usually only have a small gift from the Litha fairy as our main celebration is at Yule, but this year we missed Yule so we had a big celebration for Litha. We opened our gifts on Xmas morning instead of actual Litha – mainly cos I wanted to make the kids wait :-).

Everyone loved their gifts. As expected Annelise was thrilled with hers – you can view a video on Earth’s page. Yasmine was completely spoiled with loads and loads of dolls.

I was given heaps of cool pressies, but my favourite is a Brother Sewing machine with 25 stitches. Now I just have to learn to sew…lol. I’m waiting until after the holidays when all the store hours are back to normal. I think Spotlight might have lessons – I’ll have to check. I’ve been wanting a sewing machine for yonks, so this was a huge surprise!

The best bit about Litha for me, though, was watching the kids opening their presents. They were so thrilled and happy and excited. It just filled my heart with joy. Even better, they seemed to get more enjoyment over giving gifts than receiving their own. I am so proud of them!

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