Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls by Fleur Britten

Ettiquette for GirlsOpening Sentence:For many of us, life is just too fast to bother with manners.
Synopsis:Etiquette is a revisionist business. New rules are constantly appearing and old ones evolving. A modern survival manual is called for, to lay out the new rules, to point out the pitfalls and to ensure damage limitation.

Debrett’s, the trusted authority on all matters etiquette, have created the essential guide to life for every girl about town. Etiquette for girls reassuringly explains how to behave with ease and style in every social situation, covering man management (from flirting to one-night stands and breaking up), what to wear, dining out, socialising and entertaining at home, getting ahead at work, etiquette for special occasions (including festivals, polo and private jets), conversational no-nos and avoiding dreaded social sins.

Etiquette has re-entered the zeitgeist. Social success lies in forethought and understanding, so switch on and prepare to prosper.
Comments:This was certainly interesting to read, though many of these rules would be difficult to implement, particularly for the shy and reserved. I liked how the etiquette of e-mail and mobile phones were included as well as other modern phenomena, such as meeting celebrities, one night stands and trips in a private jet. My main beef with this guide is that it is heavily slanted towards the British market and many of the rules would be inappropriate in the more relaxed Australian social scene. Having said that, however, basic courtesy will always be appreciated and Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls would be handy to have sitting on the shelf for constant consultation.

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