Never to be Released by Paul B. Kidd

Never to be ReleasedOpening Sentence:This is a book about violent crime.
Synopsis:’Never to be released‘. A rare recommendation reserved for the most vicious of killers. The mass murderers. The serial killers. The child murderers. Those who rape and kill in gangs. Killers like:

  • William ‘The Mutilator’ MacDonald
  • Lennie Lawson
  • Crump and Baker
  • David and Catherine Birnie
  • Anita Cobby’s murderers
  • The Granny Killer

With the help of legendary police rounds reporter, the late Joe Morris, Paul B. Kidd has compiled the inside stories of Australia’s most horrendous crimes to help ensure that their perpetrators remain behind bars. ‘Never to be released’.
Genre:True Crime
Comments:Never to be Released was a very interesting look at some of Australia’s worst crimes. Many of them I hadn’t heard about before. Others, such as the Anita Cobby murder, were so famous I couldn’t help but know something about them, though not all the facts presented here. This book is presented in an easy-to-read journalistic style that keeps it from becoming too heavy, but it is certainly not for the squeamish. The crimes described are particularly heinous – the kind that make you wonder if the death penalty ought to be brought back, after all – and few details are omitted.

The term ‘Never to be Released’ is actually only a recommendation tacked onto a criminals file, not an official sentence, so let us hope that none of these vicious men and women ever leave their cells to walk Australia’s streets again. I feel a lot safer with them behind bars.

Never to be Released is a great introduction to the ‘True Crime’ genre, but it is detailed enough to hold the interest of old pros.

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