He’ll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men by Celia Lashlie

He'll Be OKOpening Sentence:Recently I was invited to convene a breakfast for fathers whose sons attended a Gosford grammar school.
Synopsis:Adolescent boys – they seem to disappear into another world where they barely communicate, and where fast cars, alcohol and drugs are constant temptations. Will they survive to become good men? How can parents and schools understand them and help them through this difficult and dangerous time?

Celia Lashlie has some of the answers. After years working in the prison service she knows what can happen when boys make the wrong choices. She also knows what it’s like to be a parent – she raised a son on her own and feared for his survival.

In this funny, honest, no-nonsense book, researcher and social commentator Celia Lashlie reveals what goes on inside the world of boys, and that it is an entirely different world from that of girls. With clarity and insight she offers parents – especially mothers – practical and reassuring advice on raising their boys to become good, loving, articulate men.
Comments:He’ll Be OK is a fascinating insight into the world and minds of boys and men. For those parents (particularly mothers) who are wondering where their gorgeous boy disappeared to, and how best to help them navigate the bridge of adolescence, this is a valuable resource. Easy to read and often humorous, this book provides insights into just what our boys need and how best to raise them to be good men without smothering them or breaking their spirit. Definitely worth reading.

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