The Humble Milk Delivery

English: Eight milk bottles .....outside Exmou...

English: Eight milk bottles …..outside Exmouth railway station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember when I was a child visiting my grandmother in North Rocks, NSW. Staying over in school holidays was a coveted treat because it gave us the chance to be there on ‘milk day’. Milk day came two or three times a week. We would wake early, usually before Nanna was up, and find that the half a dozen empty glass bottles we had left on the doorstep the night before had been replaced with bottles of rich, creamy milk. It was our job to bring these in and store them in the refrigerator. My siblings and I used to battle over the privilege of opening the new bottle (and Nanna often used this as a bribe for good behaviour) because whoever opened the bottle was rewarded with the job of scooping out (and consuming) the layer of cream that sat on top. Milk and cookies were a favourite snack because the milk was rich and creamy and full-flavoured – a delicious accompaniment to the sweet crunchy bikkies!

With the prevalence of supermarkets the milk delivery has all but disappeared. Instead of the clink of milk bottles on the doorstep and the cry of ‘Milk-o’ we are more often greeted with the sound of revving engines and screeching tyres. The milk we buy from the store is in horrible plastic bottles, and is weak and watery – milk cordial. These days, in order to enjoy our milk and cookies, my kids and I need to add flavouring to our milk. And (this may be just me) milk seems to go sour quicker than before.

Yet another pleasure to add to the long list our kids are missing out on.

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