Disrespecting Diggers

An Australian military veteran on ANZAC Day 2007.

An Australian military veteran on ANZAC Day 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am disgusted by the amount of stories coming out about commerce on ANZAC day. Locally the Orchid Society will be having a fete from 9AM onwards. There is also a psychic expo which periodically graces our town – they are also open tomorrow. In NSW, horse-racing clubs will be holding races before 1PM and major retailers have applied to trade in the morning. Now I read that a pub in Adelaide will be holding a ‘boys night out’ on ANZAC day.

I am saddened – nay, angered – by this lack of respect. ANZAC morning is a time to mourn and remember those who have died in service to our country and to give thanks to those who have fought and, in many cases, are still fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy. It is not a time for any but essential commerce to take place.

Even in today’s climate, if the loss of half a days trade is going to send your business broke, then it wasn’t going to survive anyway. And if people can’t go one morning without races or boobies, then they are obviously addicts and need help.

My grandparents fought, and suffered in the second world war. Both were lucky enough to survive, but Pa spent time in a Japanese POW camp. Seeing this kind of subtle disrespect is almost worse than the blatant protests. It hurts me deeply because it is not even motivated by hatred, but greed and apathy.

Please, if you see a non-essential business open before 1pm tomorrow, refrain from handing them your money. Don’t encourage them. And don’t forget to give a thought to our servicemen, both living and dead.

Lest We Forget.

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