Horrible, Horrible Day

upset kid at the airport

upset kid at the airport (Photo credit: Zervas)

*UPDATE: I have decided that I feel ready to open this post to the general public. Please understand that this is a sensitive topic and refrain from trolling.*

Only a few people are being allowed to see this post. I have my reasons for this and I ask that you respect that and don’t pass it on to, or discuss it with, anyone else.

Yesterday afternoon the police & child safety turned up on the doorstep. They had received a complaint regarding Yasmine. They are saying that Earth lost it and assaulted her. I did not witness any of the alleged events, but they are very serious. He doesn’t remember a thing. The kids and I had to spend the night at a hotel. I had no choice. If I didn’t go, they’d have taken my kids. They were going to send us to a women’s shelter today, but I was so distressed being in an unfamiliar place (remember that a couple of years ago I couldn’t even leave the house) that Earth found someplace else to stay so we could come home.

We are all very upset. Earth is upset because he’s terrified he did what they are saying and he no longer trusts himself around the children. The kids are upset because they want their dad, but he isn’t allowed to see them or speak to them on the phone. He isn’t allowed to even pass them a message through me. The kids are also afraid that he might have to go to gaol. Of course I’m upset because I want to keep my children safe, but I miss my husband, and I know that if he did this it was his illness, not him.He is really a gentle giant. He has never laid a hand on me or (apart from the occasional smack) the kids before this.

We have tried and tried to get help for his illness, but no one will help. Hell, it’s so bad that he hasn’t even been officially diagnosed yet, let alone received any treatment. Doctors treat him as though he wants to have MS, like he’s some kind of hypochondriac or something. His GP has been really great, but he can’t get anyone else to co-operate. I’m holding it together now I’m home, but only just. I’m on a knife’s edge at the moment. The tears are just waiting to flow, and the tiniest thing sets me off.

I don’t know where to go from here.

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