Global Warming Will Bring Back Dinosaurs

Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World

Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World (Photo credit:

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Scientists at the General Delivery University believe vast biological changes caused by global warming will trigger the return of dinosaurs.

“The increase in carbon dioxide will speed up the growth of plants, and jungles will expand all over the place,” says Dr Andre Carne, head of the GDU College of Fossil Sales.

“Animal life will have to adapt to a much warmer environment resulting in significant changes. The planet will revert to a condition like it was over 300 million years ago, and we speculate that the ultimate effect of global warming will be the return of dinosaurs,” Dr Carne adds.

“Lizards will keep getting bigger and bigger and pretty soon they’ll be huge, and birds may re-evolve backwards into their predecessor creatures,” he claims.

But Dr Henry Henner at the Idaho School of Ancient Rocks rubbished Carne’s theory: ”Nonsense! What we’re going to see is the evolution of extremely large insects,” he says.

Many scientists believe that the revival of dinosaurs will replenish the world’s oil supply.


Personally, I think that whatever changes our climate hands down, we are far more likely to see the emergence of new species than the return of old ones.

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