Splinter by Adam Roberts

Splinter by Adam RobertsOpening Sentence:Hector flew in.
Synopsis:When Hector discovers his estranged father has channeled the family fortune into a bizarre survivalist sect who await the imminent destruction of the Earth, he is wracked by feelings of betrayal and doubt. Things change, however, the night an asteroid plummets from space and destroys the planet, leaving Hector and a handful of survivors struggling for survival on a splinter of the Earth.
Genre:Science Fiction
Comments: Splinter was a very odd book. If you expected an exciting story of survival, you will be disappointed. Much of this novel is spent inside Hector’s head. The author probably intended some obscure message about the relationship between father and son, the sociology of survival groups, the formation of new religions, or the behaviour of humans in the face of the unknown. If so, I could not find it – perhaps because the book was so boring, I struggled to pay attention. Unless you are a real sci-fi fanatic, I wouldn’t bother reading this book.

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