Bookcase (Photo credit: mrwalker)

Well, I finally got around to putting my bookshelf together the other day. I’ve never done anything like this before – Earth is the go-to guy for furniture assembly. I’ve never so much as screwed a screw or nailed a nail lol.

So I pulled all the pieces out of the box and checked everything was present and accounted for, managed to make sense of the instructions and proceeded to do what it said. Well, the first screw went in OK. Wow, I thought, this is so easy. I was happily screwing away with the second screw when disaster struck – a big piece of chipboard had broken off!

Oh no! I called Earth in who said it couldn’t be fixed and would have to be chucked. Oh well, no sense wasting all that wood – might as well screw the screws just for a bit of practice. After about half-an hour of screwing screws, I realised I had a nearly complete bookshelf in front of me, but what to do about the broken piece?

Why not give it a go? I thought. Put it as the top – after all you don’t put books on the top of the shelf – they’d all fall off. Anyway, I screwed in three of the screws and came to the broken end. I looked at the shelf, I looked at the screw, I looked at the shelf, I thought there’s no hole anymore, but there is still some board there. I wonder what will happen if I just tilt the screw down a little and screw it in crooked. Can’t hurt to try. So I gave it a go and, to my surprise it worked!

I now have a complete bookshelf instead of a pile of useless wood. Yaay!

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