Blossom Possum

Blossom Possum by Gina NewtonSynopsis:Early one morning, Blossom Possum gets a fright – she thinks the sky is falling down! She has to tell someone, so she sets off with her news. On the way she meets her bush mates. But she also runs into trouble.

This re-telling of a favourite folk tale has a delightful Aussie twist.
Genre:Picture Book
Text:Gina Newton
Illustrations:Kilmeny Niland

Storm, age 4: I like By-Jingo Dingo and Blossom Possum.
Yasmine, age 5: I like Echo Gecko and Abacus Platypus, but I don’t like Joanna Goanna who has a wobbly bit under her chin.
Annelise, age 7: My favourites are Blossom Possum, Echo Gecko and I-Seen-You- Emu.
Mum: I’d never heard of Blossom Possum until my daughter’s class gave a very entertaining performance, but I’m glad that I now own a copy. This is a wonderful Australian adaptation of the Chicken Little story. The kids love chiming in with each animal’s name and looking at the beautiful illustrations. This is one of the few books that don’t elicit a sigh from poor old mum when the kids ask her to read it “just one more time”.

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