Byamul the Black Swan

Byamul the Black Swan by Diana PetersenSynopsis:Ben and Sally like watching the Black swans look after their eggs. They are looking forward to seeing the cygnets hatch. Then the creek floods and threatens to wash away the nest. Can Ben and Sally save Byamul’s eggs?
Genre:Picture Book
Text:Diana Peterson
Illustrations:Rich Richardson

Storm, age 4: I liked the black swan.
Yasmine, age 4: I liked the mummy swan.
Annelise, age 7: I didn’t finish this book. It was boring.
Mum: This is an Australian book and it is beautifully illustrated, but the text is too long. The little ones liked looking at the swan, but they got very restless about halfway through while Annelise found it too boring to finish. Even I found it a little dull.

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