The Little Election

The Little ElectionSynopsis:One day at lunchtime, Rory decides to become the Prime Minister because then he can do anything he wants. Before you know it, the whole class is having an election.

Who will be the new Prime Minister: Rory or Debra-Jo Woo?
Genre:Picture Book
Text:Danny Katz
Illustrations:Mitch Vane
Storm, age 4: It was good. I liked that Rory won.
Yasmine, age 4: It was good. I liked Debra-Jo Woo.
Annelise, age 7: That was really good! My favourite part was when they voted.
Butterfly, age 11:I liked it because of all it’s silly ideas and the bits where it’s gross.
Mum: This is a great way to teach kids about the election process in Australia.
Dad: This book was gross and funny.

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