Water Wishes (The Magic Elements Quartet #1)

Cover of "Water Wishes (Magic Elements 1,...

Cover of Water Wishes (Magic Elements 1, paper)

Synopsis:Three Wishes
Whoesoever pulleth this page from the bottle shall be granted three wishes of this element.

Sam, Polly, and Joe find an old green bottle floating on the ocean waves. Inside is a tattered parchment granting them three wishes! But nothing is as simple as it seems. Along with the promise of wishes comes a parcel of problems – rules to follow, riddles to solve, and choices to make. Whoever said that magic was easy?
Genre:Fantasy (Grades 3-5)
Text:Mallory Loehr
Annelise, age 7: This is a really good book. I liked reading about all the wishing and learning about the element and stuff.
Butterfly, age 11: I liked this book because it’s kind of fun. It’s one of those fun books to read.
Mum:The Magic Elements Quartet is a great series for teaching kids about the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water). Water Wishes is the first book in this quartet and (as one might guess from the title) is all about the water element. The chapters are short enough to read to your kids but easy enough for them to read themselves. My eldest daughters both loved this book.

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