To Pacify or Not to Pacify?

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This is a fairly controversial subject amongst parents. Mum’s especially tend to be quite fanatical about whether pacifiers are good or bad.I personally feel there are arguments for both sides.

Some people believe that sucking a pacifier can ‘ruin the shape’ of your mouth, whatever that means. Others think it will lead to problems with teeth or an obsession with sucking. I’m here to tell you that I had a pacifier when I was a baby, and my teeth and mouth are both fine, though I do enjoy sucking chocolate.

On the other hand, there are some parents who would just plain go crazy without a pacifier. Those with colicky babes for instance, or parents of multiples who use them to calm babies while siblings are being attended to. In addition, smearing a pacifier with vegemite can sooth tender gums when teeth are coming through.

Here in Australia, pacifiers are called Dummies. This is because, some parents use them at the slightest sign of a cry. In one town we lived in, it was not uncommon to see six year olds with a dummy in their mouths.

It is for this reason that hubby and I chose not to use dummies. It was (and is) our opinion that babies cry for a reason. They may need a new nappy, or perhaps their nappy pin is pricking them. They may be hungry or thirsty. They may be too hot or too cold. They may be bored or overtired. They may be ill or in pain or they may simply want your attention. Crying is the only way babies can communicate. Find the problem, address it, and nine times out of ten the crying stops.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this. As stated above, colicky babies or multiples may need a dummy. However, I believe that in the majority of cases dummies merely represent lazy parenting.

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