Grim Crims & Convicts: 1788 – 1820 (Fair Dinkum Histories) by Jackie French

Grim Crims and ConvictsOpening Sentence:It was an incredible idea – to found a colony of convicts eight months’ sail away from Great Britain.
Synopsis:Telling it like it really was – true-blue Aussie history!

It was the craziest, wildest and most daring expedition the world had seen. Eleven ships with nearly 1500 people travelled 25 000 kilometres to the other side of the world. But what did they find when they arrived?

Come with Jackie French and Peter Sheehan on a voyage of discovery. History has never been so much fun.
Comments:If your kids know more about American history than they do their own, this is the perfect book to remedy the situation. Grim Crims & Convicts deals with the early history of Australia from 1788 to 1820. It is aimed at young adults and the information is basic enough for them to understand without losing out on the details. Humorous illustrations throughout aid understanding and add an extra element of enjoyment for children. There is a lot of information in here that I had either forgotten or never knew and I found this to be a very interesting book indeed. Highly recommended!

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