Busy Weekend

My beautiful daughter Yasmine had her face painted with a butterfly at her fairy birthday partyWe’ve had a very busy weekend this week. Yesterday, we had Yasmine’s birthday party. We had a pretty fairy come and paint our faces, spray pretty colours in our hair and make some balloon art. We blew lots of bubbles and hunted for pirate treasure. It was lots of fun. We also had lots of yummy things to eat – fruit platters, cut sandwiches, hotdogs, fairy-bread and, of course, birthday cake! Then, in the evening, we had our usual babysitting.

I’ll post some photo’s sometime in the next few days.

Today was also a good day, being Father’s day. I didn’t give Earth a gift, since I am combining it with his birthday present (he’s gonna love it!), but the kids all made him something.

He didn’t get to relax the whole day, though. Next door gave the kids a tent to use for a cubby house, so Earth spent an hour or so putting it up, with the cries of ‘Can we go in yet?’ egging him on lol.

I hope all you Dads out there had a great Dad’s Day, and everyone else enjoyed their weekend too!

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