• Every Good Boy Deserves Fun (lines on a treble clef; the spaces are remembered as FACE)
  • Mites Grow Up, Tights Come Down (Difference between Stalagmites & Stalactites)
  • Spring Forward, Fall Back (Which way to turn clocks for daylight savings)
  • My Very Easy Method – Just Set Up Nine Planets (nine planets in order from the sun – of course Pluto is no longer a planet, so we’ll need to think up something else now lol)

    Image to remember how many days a month has.

    Image to remember how many days a month has. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Lucky Cows Drink Milk (larger Roman numerals in ascending order)
  • Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (colours of the rainbow in order)
  • Some Old Hippie Caught Another Hippie Tripping On Acid (for remembering trigonometry equations)
  • Kings Play Cards On Fat Girls’ Stomachs OR Dumb Kids Playing Chase On Freeway Go Splat (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species)
  • Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived (Wives of Henry VIII)
  • We guarantee certainty, clearly referring to this light mnemonic (represents the speed of light in meters per through the number of letters in each word: 299,792,458)
  • Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; All the rest have thirty-one Excepting February alone: Which hath but twenty-eight, in fine, Till leap year gives it twenty-nine. (days in a month)
  • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (Order of operations in Maths)
  • All Cool Men Prefer Having Heavy Sideburns OR Anyone Can Make Pretty Healthy Hot Stew (where human beings fit in when it comes to the order of taxonomy – Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Primatae, Hominidae, Homo sapiens)

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