Haunted Animals by Allan Zullo

Haunted AnimalsOpening Sentence:Some kids claim they have seen ghosts.
Synopsis:A ghostly cat comforts its former owner. A mistreated bulldog returns to haunt its master. A mysterious horse leads a group of rescuers to an injured boy – then disappears.

Could animals really be ghosts? Read these and many more unexplained encounters with the supernatural and decide for yourself. But beware – you may look at animals a bit differently after reading these eerie, haunting tales!
Comments:Haunted Animals is an interesting collection of true animal ghost stories. Some are about beloved pets continuing to protect us after they die. Others are about revenge for being mis-treated. All are interesting to read. The stories in this book are easy to read and none of them are overly scary, making this a great book for tweens who are just starting out in chapter books.

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