Mum’s Visit

The long-awaited visit by my Mum finally arrived! We all looked forward to it for quite some time. It had been years since I saw Mum. Annie was a baby, Butterfly a tot and Yasmine & Storm weren’t even born.

Earth picked Mum up on Sunday 08 November. This was a pleasant surprise for her, as she expected to be catching a cab. When she arrived at the house, I held back knowing she would be swamped by kids. I finally got a chance to hug her though!

Sunday was all about relaxing and chatting and catching up.

Monday, while the kids were at school, Earth, Mum and I went for a nice drive out to Emu Park, then Mum and I had lunch at Nandos and had a browse through the Shopping Fair.

Tuesday night, Mum baby-sat while Earth and I went to toastmasters.

Wednesday, Mum window-shopped while Earth and I attended an appointment.

Thursday, Butterfly stayed home from school and she, Mum and I saw 2012, before lunching at Hungry Jacks and grocery shopping.

Friday, we all went for drive up Mt Archer and out to Marmor. Good fun!

Saturday was my favourite though, because Mum and I got some serious fun time away from the kids. In the morning, I showed Mum how to bake bread, then we high-tailed it down to the pub and got ourselves tipsy while blowing cash on the pokies. It was nice to let my hair down for a change!

Sunday, was another relaxing day. We started the day with brekky at Sizzler, before Annie entertained us all with a recital, and the kids enjoyed their final day with Grandma.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, even Mum’s visit. On Monday 16 November she left us 😦 It was a pupil free day at school, so the children were all able to see Grandma off at the airport. Earth drove me and Mum first, and came back for the children. This allowed us to have a last few minutes alone together.

When the others arrived, we all shared a final drink of chocolate milk before Mum had to go through security. Of course, we waited round so the kids could watch the plane take off.

We were all very sad to see her go, and we miss her immensely!

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