Mini Gaol Cell or Much Needed Break?

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This is a tough issue. I’m not sure that I would categorize a playpen as a ‘mini gaol cell’. In some families they are actually necessary (when there are other children or pets around, for example).

We used playpens with mixed results. With our eldest daughter, we tried the traditional approach of placing bubba in the playpen with her toys. She simply figured out that if she crawled and pushed the playpen, she could still reach the many fascinating items in our home.

With our second, we tried a different approach. Instead of placing bubs in the playpen in the hopes that Butterfly’s little lego blocks wouldn’t make their way in there, we had Butterfly play with her lego (and other tiny toys) in the playpen while bubs roamed the house. This worked far better for us.

A neighbour of ours gave their baby free reign, placing the playpen around the TV and other untouchables. This worked for them, and I thought it was a good idea.

All-in-all though, while I have nothing against using playpens occasionally, I do prefer to baby-proof the house and let them explore to their heart’s content.

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